Equipment Nederland - Your Track on The Internet

We are business intermediaries between manufacturers, owners, traders and foreign buyers of new and used machines, heavy equipment and related services from The Netherlands.

We act as:

  • International traders who buy and sell machines
  • An export agent who act on behalf of another party
  • A purchasing agency which supplies foreign companies
  • A shipping agency for arranging any kind of transport
  • We can offer you a large quantity of good and reliable used machines directly from our stock, Dutch users or trading companies. Our network provides potential buyers a full overview of available equipment in the Netherlands, with the quality and quantity they need and always for the best price.

Notice to our customers and visitors

At this moment we are migrating our site to a different platform.

In the more ten years of our existence we reached the point that we are almost unable to guarantee our servicelevel to You.

We planned to roll-out the new site in Q3, however some events forced us to make that move now.

We regret that some functionality is missing at the moment but we promise you that we do our very best to make everything available in the next couple of days.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Sales Team Equipment Nederland